C3 no.186 (2000 #2/12)
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Sooner or Later

PaJu Book City: Radiant City with Reed _ GuYon Chung

− YangSan Adonis Country Club Clubhouse _ John Fredman, Alice Kimm + JongSoung Kimm

Criticism: Retrospective Profound Aroma, Adonis _ InSoo Seong

− Moonhaus _ SeongChil Park

Note on Architecture

Architecture, Into a Strange Space _ DeKahn Joo

Randy Brown

− 120 Blondo Building

− Studio RBA

− Nature Center, Hummel Park

− Poulson & Kjeldseth AD Agency

− John Luce Company

− Blustem Restaurant

− Greater Omaha Packing Company

− Boys Club, Sioux City

− Brown & Wolff Law Office


Apartment, Antwerp _ Fokkema Architecten

Duck Restaurant _ JeongHan Yoo


View of the World and the Architecture in the East and the West II

Architecture – Non-architecture _ SungWoo Kim


Space and Ceramic _ JangSik Yoon

Movement–Premonition _ MiYoung Kang


Museum of Korean Traditional music Instrument, KwangJoo

MuAn Airport

Women’s Cultural Center, YongIn

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