C3 no.187 (2000 #3/12)
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Sooner or Later

Architectural Criticism and Power of Discourse _ GuYon Chung

SeungHoy Kim + WonPhil Kang

Arrow That Pierce through the Nets _ SeungHoy Kim

Interview: The Presencing of the World _ SeungHoy Kim, WonPhil Kang + InHa Jung

− MoonKyung Health Care Center

− Graduate School of Environment Studies, SeoUl National University

− YangPyoung Residence

Wood & Brick _ KiDong Chang

− Pool House, AnSung _ NakJung Kim

Note on Architecture

Mortal and Immortal _ Youp JeaGal

Architecture Comparative

The Edge of Void – JongRo Tower and SK Building _ YoungMin Koo


Beginning of College Park Era – Memorial Hall, SungKyunKwan University _ SunKoo Lee


Penumbra·Eatery, SoHulEup _ Hun Kim


View of the World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West III

Subject-Object _ SungWoo Kim


Amusement Space


Craft + Furniture


Millennium Gate of Korea

SunYoo Island

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