C3 no.189 (2000 #5/12)
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Sooner or Later

City and Memory: Development and Preservation in SeoUl _ GuYon Chung

DuNam Choi

Aesthetics for Metaphor _ DuNam Choi

− BaekSun St.Paul House, KwangJu

Interview: Architecture for Get-together _ DuNam Choi + JiMin Kim

− ChunChoongSa Cultural Institute

− BuAmDong House

− LeeYoung Gallery

Gu Yon Chung

Local Architecture: In Between the Rural and the City _ GuYon Chung

Criticism: New Possibility of Local Architecture _ SungYong Joh

− MuSuDong Artist’s Village

− Regional Museum

− Multi Purpose Hall for Farmers

− MuJu Country Office, Parking Place & Courtyard Renovation

− MuPungMyun Office and Welfare Facility

− PuManMyun Office and Welfare Facility

− JukSnagMyun Office and Welfare Facility

− AnSungMyun Office and Welfare Facility

Note on Architecture

Sense _ Wook Choi


Questions on SAKIA

A Vision for Korean Architecture

YeungNam University Dormitory Competition

C3 Forum _ Kerl Yoo

Challenging Our Popular Thought



Unique House


Model House, HyunDai Development Company

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