C3 no.46 (1988 #6/12)
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The Man that Disappeared into the Dark _ Kwon HeeYong


The Needs to Seoul _ Bang ChulLin

Recent Works

− Kye Song Won _ Kim TaiSoo

Metaphorical Expression and Bold Symbolism _ Lee BumJae

Pursuit of the Original Form _ Lee YongJae

− Chinese Restaurant Hwe Bin _ Jang SeaYang

Cognition and Anonymity _ Lee YongJae

A&E Special: Expression of Tradition in Korean Contemporary Architecture

Traditional Expression and It’s Derivative Concept in Korean Contemporary Architecture _ Kim KwangHyun

Tradition, Architectural Culture and Some Common Problems Related to Them _ Lee SangHae

Characteristics and Formational Methods of Space in Korean Traditional Architecture _ Ahn YoungBae

New Directions for Tradition Polemics _ Yim ChangBok

Architectural Culture and Traditionalism _ Jung MooWoong

Contemporary Architecture and Traditionalism _ Jung JinSoo

Breakaway from the Conventional Banality _ Kim KeeWoong


Imwon Kyungje Ji (Administration of Rural Life)(7) _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn daiHoe


Dream and Responsibility Poetry and Architecture _ Ahn ByoungEui

Photo Essay

What’s Happening in the Corner and the Turn(4): Trees _ Kim KiSeok

Book Review

The Fountainhead I · II: Art, Love and Struggle of an Idal Man _ Kim KyongSoo



A&E Terminology

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